Sociedad Latinoamericana de Errores Innatos del Metabolismo y Pesquisa Neonatal

General Rules for Abstracts Sending

  1. The Abstracts must be sent in english and exclusively thought the application available at the SLIMPN's website.
  2. The Abstracts writen in another langage or that do not comply with this regulation will NOT be accepted.
  3. All accepted papers will be published in the Journal of Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Screening (JIEMS) for which it is the responsibility of the authors to guarantee:
  4. Abstracts submitted to the XIII SLEIMPN Congress must be original and therefore must not have been presented previously or simultaneously in other national, regional or international Congresses, or previously published in Scientific Journals.
  5. For the loading of the Abstracts in the Web application it is required that the corresponding author to be loged in at the SLEIMPN website. If you are an active member of SLEIMPN, this information will already be available in said database, while if you are not a member, you must proceed to register in advance Register .
    NOTE: Keep in mind that this requirement does not imply having made your registration to the Congress.
  6. At the time of submitting abstracts, the authors must indicate their preference for the modality of presentation as oral communication or poster.
  7. The Abstracts will be evaluated for acceptance by the Scientific Committee, which will have the power to accept, reject or request their reformulation as a condition to be re-evaluated.
  8. The evaluation of the works will be based on the quality of the summary, its scientific content and originality, correspondence between objectives, methods and conclusions, and its relevance to the scientific community.
  9. Scientific Research and Case Reporting will be accepted.
  10. Nor revision or update works will be accepted.

Instructions for the preparation of abstracts

Opening Reception of Abstracts: March 15, 2024.

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: May 31, 2024.

Before sending your Summary, be sure to follow the instructions below
  1. Title: It must be concise, descriptive and representative of the content and nature of the work.
  2. Authors: Each summary must bear the name of the author and his co-authors. The criteria to follow to complete them will be the following:
  3. Affiliation: Indicate the institution to which each author belongs preceded by a number in parentheses as indicated in the information of the authors.
  4. Abstract text:
    The full text of the abstract must have a maximum number of 350 words and must be organized respecting the structure indicated below:

    In the Abstract, charts, tables and figures can not be included.

    The use of abbreviations will be allowed as long as they have been defined the first time they are used.

Preliminary Classification of Works in Thematic Areas


When uploading the Abstract in the application of the Congress, the authors must make a preliminary classification of them according to the following criteria:

  1. General area to which the work corresponds:
  2. Type of investigation:
  3. Main Topic (Example: Organic Acidurias)
  4. Prefered Modality for presentation:

The Scientific Committee can modify these preferences if deemed appropriate.

Abstracts submission procedure

It is suggested to write the work in a conventional word processor (for example MS-Word) following the previously described instructions and load the information in the application available on the Web page using the commands Copy (Ctrl C) / Paste (Ctrl V).

Once all the information required in the application for the submission of Abstracts has been loaded, the recorded information must be recorded, with which the Summary will be registered in a Preview status so that you can verify that both the format and the Special characters have been correctly recognized by the application.

While the work is in this state, it will not be available or viewable for the Scientific Committee, and you can make corrections and / or modifications as many times as necessary until you have the final version corrected.

Once this step is completed, you must perform the validation / confirmation of the work, at which point you will no longer be able to edit it and it will be available for viewing by the Scientific Committee.

In this way, throughout the process of uploading abstracts and their evaluation by the Scientific Committee, the works may present the following states:

  1. Not confirmed
  2. Received
  3. In revision
  4. Scored
  5. Accepted
  6. Not accepted
  7. Pending of Acceptance: Corrections required
  8. Pending of Acceptance: Corrections made

Avoid repeating the entry of work through the application in order to avoid duplication of the same.

Estimated Date for Abstracts Acceptance Communication: POR DEFINIR.

Abstract status notifications

Once you have validated the submission of your work, the contact author will receive an e-mail confirming the reception of the work.
In the same way you will also receive a communication when the work has been assigned for evaluation by the reviewers, when it has been accepted or rejected or when a reformulation of the same is required.

Instructions for the presentation of oral communications

  1. The Oral Communications will have 10 minutes for its presentation and 5 minutes for questions.
  2. Oral Communications may be presented indistinctly in English or Spanish.

Instructions for the Making and Presentation of Posters

  1. The size of the posters should be 120 cm high by 90 cm wide.
  2. It is suggested to use contrasting colors and font size large enough to allow adequate reading at 2 meters distance.
  3. Posters can be written indistinctly in English or Spanish.
  4. The posters will be fixed to the panels for their exhibition with adhesive tape that will be provided in the congress.
  5. The use of pins, tacks or sharp objects will not be allowed.
  6. For the presentation of the posters, at least one author must be registered in the Congress and present during the days of its development.
  7. The authors of the posters will be responsible for setting their posters on the dates and times indicated by the Scientific Committee and to be located next to them for their discussion also on date and schedule defined by the Scientific Committee.

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